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December 08, 2023

There are those that say that our generation has forgotten how to wait. Insta-everything and Uber-your-hearts-desires are great for distraction and convenience, but not so good for practicing delayed gratification.

However, to be reminded of the joy of the journey, we only have to see the building excitement of a child who is counting down to Christmas.

As adults, we can learn a lot from our kids about the forgotten thrill of anticipation.  So, this Christmas Eve, join in!  Celebrate the waiting, the journey, the pause before the big event by celebrating Christmas Eve with these simple ideas.

1.  Christmas Eve in Iceland - Take a leaf our of Iceland's Christmas Eve playbook , and exchange books on Christmas Eve.  Spend the evening reading them, and eating chocolate!

2.  Christmas Eve Box:  Wrap up a new pair of pyjamas, some popcorn, and a Christmas movie!  Snuggle up together on the couch, and enjoy a classic Christmas flick.

3.  Midnight Mass or Christmas Eve service:  Many communities gather together at their local church for a Christmas Eve service, and 

4.  Christmas carols:  Set the Christmas lights to twinkle and sing and dance together around the Christmas tree.  

5.  Leave out something for Santa and his reindeer:  Milk, cookies, carrots.  They could even create their own reindeer blend by punching holes out of leaves.


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