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August 30, 2019

We all know the agony when you pull out your kid’s favourite togs and realise that they have sagged beyond the point of return.  After all, we braved the Hunger Games carnage that is the Boxing Day sales for those swimmers, running the risk of repetitive strain injury from flicking through kilometres of kids swimwear racks.  

And then? It’s all over too soon.  

Forget budgie smugglers, an emu would have room to move in some swimmers after a season of intensive pool activity.  

What you might not know is that keeping a few things in mind when you’re shopping for togs can spare you saggy-swimwear stress, helping you find cozzies that will last the distance.

Good Quality Fabrics

The trick when you’re choosing swimmers is to ensure that you check the material.  Good quality fabric really is the main factor when it comes to togs lasting the distance.  For those that spend lots of time in chlorine, the most durable fabric for swimwear is polyester.  You may also come across the acronym PBT in your shopping.  PBT is a type of polyester that is stretchy, but also chlorine-resistant. Swim athletes wear training swimmers that are a made from a blend of polyester and PBT as durability is the main factor for withstanding hours of exposure to chlorinated water.

Chlorine-Resistant Kids Swimwear

Check that the swimmers you want to buy for your family have some level of chlorine resistance.  Some of the fabrics more vulnerable to chlorine, like LYCRA, can be modified to make them tougher. These modifications can make the material up to ten times more resistant to chlorine, heat and sunscreen.

Caring for your Kids Swimwear

While you can certainly afford to let the kids frolic with abandon in the water when you know you’ve purchased a good pair, taking care of your kids swimwear will ensure that you get maximum life out of them.  Keep it simple is the main thing here.  Hand rinse the swimmers in cold water when they get out of the pool, and dry them in the shade.  Harsh detergents can erode the fabric, and the sun will fade the colour.

Enjoy the water!  And don’t forget to Slip, Slop, Slap, Seek and Slide on those kids sunglasses.

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