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February 10, 2022

Baby and Kids Sunglasses - The Limited Edition

Aussie kids grow up learning to be sunsmart kids! You could say it’s a way of life! But it’s this outdoor adventurous spirit that makes sun protection an essential practice, and knowing kids have the right sunsmart gear is key to their enjoyment out in the elements.  

For youngsters who love to stand out, our super-funky Limited Edition sunglasses for babies and kids will have everyone giving admiring glances! And parents, never underestimate the power a little sunsmart peace-of-mind can have! 

Our Limited Edition sunglass release is always a hugely popular event and we cannot guarantee that any items will ever be restocked. Once they sell out, they’re gone forever!  

Meet the Limited Editions - Shades with Street Cred

Original Euro Round Sunglasses – Into the Mist, Peachy Keen, All the Rage Sage and Sweet Cream

Original Navigators Sunglasses – Future’s So Bright

Original Flowers Sunglasses – Irresistible Iris

Blue Series Flowers Sunglasses - The Wildflower

Original Hearts – Can’t Heartly Wait

Original Aviators – In the Limelight and Pink Lemonade

Baby Keyhole Sunglasses & Original Navigators for big kids


Stylish Sunglasses for Girls

Do you know a little girl who would love to wear our funky new Flower or Heart sunglasses?  

She’s the one who sprinkles a handful of blossoms in your lap, with a bright smile and gleaming eyes. She’ll wander the garden with the family dog, following dragonflies and singing made-up songs. Full of attitude and flair, she’s the social butterfly who makes your heart proud!

So, give her cool new sunnies to match her bubbly personality! We’re confident she’ll love their stylish appeal, perfect for wearing with all her favourite outfits, and you can be confident that they are keeping her bright eyes safe from the glaring sun. 

All Babiatorssunglasses for girls are shatter-resistant, as well as bendy and tough. But, for your satisfaction, it’s handy to know that all our baby and kids sunglasses come with ourBabiators 100% Lost or Broken Guarantee. If mishap does occur, you’re covered for a replacement pair! Sweet! 



Super-cool Shades for super-cool Kids

For those who take drama in their stride, we think The Euro Round Kids Sunglasses will give them an extra mellow vibe! Perfect for both boys and girls, with plenty of colours that will match their street cred, the Euro Round sunglasses take kids from easy-going to chill in no time! 

Whether you’re ‘Peachy Keen’ to have some fun, or down for a little ‘Sweet Cream’ R ‘n’ R or just jamming with your musos in ‘All the Rage Sage’, these shades will stay on your face no matter the occasion.

And, don’t forget to relax! If you happen to misplace your favourite pair of sunglasses, a new pair is only a registration and redemption away! 


Limited edition sunnies for kidsCool sunglasses for babies and kidsRound baby and kids sunglasses in limited edition stylesGirls sunglasses in a round limited edition style



Sunglasses for the Original Kid

We couldn’t leave out our favourite tried and true baby and kids sunglass styles! They may be the trusty original Babiators shapes we have all come to love over the years, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be unique wearing them. 

Our super-cool Limited Edition ‘Future’s So Bright’ Navigators are the ideal way to complete your original look!  

We apologise if these wicked shades have sold out by the time you read this blog, but we knew they’d be popular! We could feel it in our bones! 

Featuring wicked white frames with bright polarised rainbow lenses, our ‘Future’s So Bright’ super-comfy sunnies will keep little eyes safe from harsh UV light and annoying sun glare. These cool sunnies are available in both baby and kid sizes.

We wouldn’t be doing our job right if we forgot those who love our Aviator styles!  

Added to our Limited Edition stock are two new colour-blocked varieties. Check out our ‘Pink Lemonade’ Sunglasses (pink/yellow frames) and ‘In The Limelight’ Sunglasses (blue/lime green frames) for some funky, colourful new sunsmart options. These summery sunnies are available for ages 0-2 and 3-5 years.

Kids sunglasses with rainbow lenses Kids sunglasses with a blue frame Girls pink framed sunglasses



Sunglasses for Kids - The Good Old Faithfuls 

Don’t worry! We know that sometimes you just want to stick with your faves! And, you’d be in luck, because for a limited time, some of our old favourite kids sunglasses are back in stock!

Revisit those ultra-cool vibes with our ‘Slate’Keyholes for ages 0-2 and 3-5 years. And, in our Original Navigators for the 6+ years crew our ‘Good as Blue’, ‘Think Pink’ and ‘Black Ops Black’ are back! 

Baby sunglasses in a slate grey keyhole style 


 Sunglasses for girls the original Babiators Kids sunglasses in original Babiators style Boys sunglasses in a blue original navigators style


Don’t wait to grab the pairs you want! They may sell out faster than you can say ‘Don’t forget our famous Babiators 12-month Lost or Broken Guarantee!’ Shop these Limited Edition sunglass styles today!

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