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The Ultimate Beach Bundle

Original or Polarised Sunglasses

Whether you are kitting out your little adventurer for swimming lesson, getting everything ready for some glorious summer beach weather or if you are just looking for a fabulous gift for your favourite little swimmer, the Ultimate Beach Bundle puts all the best brands together for you in one hit.

4 Clicks and you are Summer-ready!!

Simply choose a Colour, Size and whether you want Original or Polarised sunglasses, hit "Add to Cart" and we will get it all sorted for you.

What's in the bundle?

At Babiators we LOVE equipping little explorers for fabulous fun outdoor adventures. So we have gathered the cream of the crop swim products from our favourite, gorgeous, practical brands:


Each of these items were chosen for the kind of practicality that makes all the difference to your outside adventure:
  • Sunglasses that don't break 
  • Rash shirt with easy access zipper behind the neck
  • Hats with toggled straps to keep them on even when up against wind, or tugging toddlers
  • and a handy sized, light weight towel that doesn't weigh down your beach bag and shakes free of sand, so you don't end up with half the beach in your car.

And if you have a little one who is still in nappies, grab our one size fits all reusable swim nappy from the team at LuvMe to complete your ensemble (tick the Add-on to add it to your order).


Trying to work out whether to go Original or Polarised? 

All our Babiators sunglasses, including our Original Babiators, are 100% UVA and UVB protection for little eyes, sick all the safety standard boxes and shade little eyes from bright sun. So you can't go wrong wither way.

Polarised lenses add the element of antiglare. Water, snow and even sand kick up reflected light which can cause us to squint in order to cut out excess light so we can see better when it's a bright day. A polarised lense cuts out the glare, reducing squinting and improves visibility.

So for example if you look at the water, without a polarise lense you see a lovely surface shimmering in the sun, with a polarised lense you can see into the water, and the fishies underneath the surface.

Originals Babiators will give little eyes all the protection they need, and shade them from the harsh sun. Polarised Babiators add an extra layer of comfort for eyes, reducing glare.