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December 15, 2017

Every family is different.  That’s what makes them so special.  Family traditions that we carry on from year to year are a part of what helps to define our family for our children.   They give the idea of spending time together shape and meaning.  And as far as family traditions go, Christmas ones hold a special kind of magic.  So, here’s a collection of some of our favourite ways to enjoy each other’s company on Christmas Day – 10 Christmas day ideas that can become a part of your family’s DNA.

1.  Present Treasure Hunt

On Christmas Eve night, hide the last presents and leave some clues to help the kids find them on Christmas Day.  While they’re hunting around the house, sit back and enjoy a morning cup of coffee!

2.  Christmas Music Playlist

It’s amazing how music can help set the tone.  A fun Christmas playlist will turn setting the table for Christmas lunch from a chore into a dance party!

3. Christmas Morning Breakfast

Leave the present-opening mess for a bit, because there's no mess as wonderful as Christmas morning mess.  Then, gather together in the kitchen to turn Christmas morning breakfast into a family affair.  Whether your family's favourite is pancakes, french toast or green smoothies, working together on a simple, unhurried task might just become part of your children's most treasured Christmas memories.

4.  A Favourite Dish From Childhood

As much as its fun to try new recipes, there really is nothing as comforting as tucking into your Nan’s Christmas pud.  For this Christmas day idea, have at least one dish every Christmas that was your favourite from childhood.  Maybe it was your mum’s boozy trifle, or your aunty’s special ham.  Who knows, maybe your children will make it for their family one day!

5.  Novelty Secret Santa Dice Game

This is a really fun idea for Secret Santa, especially when you’ve got a large group together.  Have a pile of miscellaneous gifts.  Go around the circle, with each person throwing the die.  7 or 11 means you can open a gift, 5 or 9 means that you can steal someone else’s, doubles means you have to trade.  Go around the circle until the last gift has been opened, then go around one last time!

6.  Christmas Pudding Suprise

The classic of all Christmas day ideas.  Put a gold coin or another surprise in a Christmas pudding for someone to find.

7.  Post Christmas Lunch Game (The ultimate of Australian Christmas day ideas)

Every year after Christmas lunch, get the family together for a fun outdoors game.  Maybe a waterfight, pool volleyball, or a game of cricket.  Don’t forget sun-safety, remember to slide on those children's sunglasses or baby sunglasses!

8.  Evening Board Games

Once the ham has been eaten and there’s nothing left of the Christmas pudding but crumbs, roll on into the lounge room for some board games or cards.

9. Family Christmas Photo

It’s often surprising how few photos we have of the whole family together, even though we take so many throughout the year!  Make it a priority to get everyone together for an annual Christmas photo.  These photos will become favourites as your children grow up, even if it’s just to make fun of each other’s hairstyles!

10.  The Grateful Book

This last of our Christmas day ideas is a beautiful way to finish the year.  Have a book that you pass around, in which each person writes down at least something that they are grateful for from the year  As the years go by, the book will become full of some of your families favourite memories to treasure.

 We’d love to hear from you!  What are your family’s favourite Christmas day ideas?

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