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Who are we? We’re the Rigbys, and Boutique Brands is our biz. We are a family owned and run small biz that loves bringing you super practical tools to help you on your parenting adventures.

We love finding really awesome stuff that is available overseas and making it available in Australia and New Zealand, giving down-under parent access to previously difficult-to-get-but-super-cool stuff for your kids.

Boutique Brands is the exclusive distributor of Babiators in Australia and New Zealand.

Babiators are AWESOME (in case you haven’t worked it out by now, I LOVE that word, lol). They give the best sun protection for little eyes, they are super comfy to wear, they are really hard to break, and even if you do break them you are covered by our Lost and Broken Guarantee (you totally have to click that link and check our guarantee out!) …. oh and they are Very Cool, Kardashian cool in fact!

Babiators are available to buy on our website, or through one of the amazing boutique stores that we work with if you want to Shop Local and get a feel of the Babiators in person.

Our Maxie particularly loves her Babiators, so much so that one of the carers at day care commented that she had only just recently seen Maxie’s beautiful eyes for the first time because she is always wearing her sunnies. Ella is a big Submariners fan – bathtub, creek, beach, pool – she is always checking to make sure we have her goggles on the way out the door for our latest water adventure.

So we’re 100% sure your kids will LOVE their Babiators stuff too, and you’ll get many awesome outdoor adventures out of them!!

So, welcome. Welcome to our website. Come on in, make yourself at home. Give us a hoy if you need any help with anything. Can’t wait to connect with you.

xo Kristy, John, Ella and Maxie