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June 16, 2023

Fishing is a great outdoor adventure the whole family can enjoy together. Fishing has been one of our favourite activities and we now even have a traditional fishing day trip to Ballina with myself and the girls every school holidays. Here are some of my best tips learnt through experience to get the best out of a fishing adventure.


Always have a clear idea of what you are wanting to do, where you are going to go. Check the weather and tides – around high tide is generally a good time to fish. Make sure your fishing lines etc. are in good working order and ready to go to avoid disappointment. Try and have everything ready so you can start fishing as soon as possible once you arrive to reduce waiting around.

What to take

Less is always best but take what you feel you will need to make the best adventure; Sunscreen, hats, Babiators, snacks, drinks, chairs, fishing gear. If you are new to fishing and can find a local tackle go and talk to them and they will help you get the right equipment, let you know the best bait to use as well as point you in the right direction in your area.


Look for a location for fishing that is a safe environment for little people. Generally, riverbanks, lakes, jetty’s etc. can be ideal, look for gentle sloping banks to sand rather than areas with high drop offs and rocks. If you can find a sandy area this is ideal as kids will often enjoy digging in the sand, finding crabs, and wading in the water which all adds to the fun while making it less likely for them to become bored. Where possible look for areas away from roads and traffic if you find somewhere that has a playground nearby this is a great option. Remember how quick little ones can move so always keep a close eye on them.

fishing with kids and dad


If you are experienced with fishing and but new to taking your little ones fishing just remember it will be different. You will spend a lot of time teaching them to bait hooks, cast their lines, sorting out tangles and rerigging. I used to wonder why my girls seemed to catch most of the fish when we go fishing and realised that it was because they were the ones who spent the most time with their lines in the water. As they become more experienced and learn to do more it does make it easier for you to get a line in the water too. Go with an attitude of it been a fun adventure not just about having to catch fish.

fishing with kids - caught one fishing with kids - girl catches a fish

Any fish will do

There is nothing as exciting for a little person as catching a fish… any fish. One of the most vivid memories I have of fishing with children was a day I took a boy fishing for his first ever fishing experience. He caught a very small toad fish and was so excited and proud when he told his mum. Catching any sort of fish will make it a much more exciting and memorable adventure and have them wanting to go again.


The secret to disappointment free fishing

Remember it is never guaranteed that we will catch a fish when we go fishing. To help lessen the disappointment I have always taken “Fishing Treats” with us. Our rules around this is that every time someone catches a fish everyone gets to have a fishing treat. If no one catches anything we get to share them on the way home. This has always added to the excitement of going fishing for my girls and always got everyone back home happy.

Time to go

If you can see that your little ones have reached their limit, call it a day and move on to something else. By leaving when the time is right they will be happy to go again next time.

Happy Fishing!!

Cheers, John

P.S. Polarized sunglasses rock for fishing! The polarization on the lenses cut out to glare reflecting off the water, making it easier to see below the surface of the water, as well as protecting little eyes and making them more comfortable. Grab some Polarised Babiators are reduce the squinting for your next fishing trip!

For more information head to our blog on why Polarised Sunglasses are your child's best defense against glare.


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