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May 28, 2020

When it comes to dealing with winter, what’s your spirit animal? Are you a hibernator, who likes to curl up in a dark, warm cave and sleep the cold days away? Or an adaptor like the Arctic Fox, that simply swaps its summer coat for a winter one, and then gets on with business. Maybe you’re a migrator, who likes nothing more than to wing it north to a sunny beach to wait out the winter.

Since that flight north to a tropical island is probably off the cards this winter (cheers Corona), as is disappearing under your quilt for the next 100 days, we’ve put together some ideas to help you adapt family life to the colder climate.

And don't forget that just because the temperature is decreased, doesn't necessarily mean the dangers of UV exposure have too.  Please remember to slip, slop, slap, seek and slide on those Babiators whenever you and your children are around large reflective surfaces like snow or water, or whenever UV levels are 3 or above (which is many parts of Australia throughout the winter months).

1. Bushwalking

winter activities for kidsWinter is an ideal time to explore some of the National Parks in your area. The physical exercise keeps everyone warm, but the heat isn’t as oppressive as it would be during the summer time.  Just be sure to wear sturdy shoes, and pack food and water for a little picnic along the way.

2. The Beach in Winter

winter activities for kidsBelieve it or not, the beach is actually a really fun place to spend some time in winter. It’s much less crowded, the sand’s not too hot to walk on, and there’s still a whole host of things for the kids to do besides for swimming. They can fly kites, count crabs, create beach art from shells and rocks, or just generally run free and wild along the shore.

3. Fishing

winter activities for kidsRug up in beanies and blankets, bring along a flask of hot chocolate and while away an afternoon by the river. Your kids will never forget the thrill of catching their first fish.

4. Snow Trip

If you're lucky enough to live close to the snow, a day spent tobogganing, building snowmen and flinging snow balls is a day well spent.

5. Camping

winter activities for kidsAs much as a summer camping trip is lovely, there’s nothing quite like the winter camping experience.  Campfires, toasted marshmallows, hot chocolate, and stargazing:  it's the stuff of golden childhoods. 


What winter activities do you and your children like to do once the cold weather swings around? 

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