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Get The Kids Outside for some Messy Fun!

March 21, 2017

It’s time to get the kids outside and enjoying messy fun, just like you used to!

Remember the fun you used to have, being outside from dusk until dawn? Laughing and playing with your brothers, sisters and friends while getting covered in who knows what? Share that joy with your kids!

Forget the mess, get dirty!

Just for today, forget the mess, forget the stains and just let your kids get dirty. Let them embrace that messy fun you always got to enjoy, it is after all, an important part of childhood! Here are a few ideas to get you started.

  • Slip N Slide – That’s right! Get the water and dishwashing liquid (or perhaps tear free baby shampoo would be just as effective) and get sliding on that plastic! Kids love this and see it as a challenge to get past the end. *Forget the grass stains – embrace the fun!
  • Play with food – This activity will teach them how to make juice, fruit kebabs, etc. it also opens up the opportunity to learn through food play. Let them roll the oranges and squeeze them. Let them place the fruit on the skewer. Yes it will messy and very sticky but it’s nothing a play in the sprinkler won’t fix!
  • Play in the mud – Don’t reserve this activity just for boys, girls enjoy it just as much. Show them a spot they can dig, fill with water and drive their matchbox cars through. Let them make pies and serve it to you in a bucket. Let them squish it through their fingers and be as happy as a pig in the mud.
  • Paint – No parent wants paint inside their house, there are a mountain of things that could go wrong. Get the colours outside and let the kids go crazy; finger paint, body paint, sponge paint, etc. Getting a little bit of paint on their hands won’t hurt them, it will however provide them with some fantastic memories.
  • Water fights – Get your sunscreen, hat, sunnies and waster pistols ready because this is what childhood is all about. Get the kids outside, run around with them or sit back and watch them have the time of lives from a safe, dry distance.

Kids should embrace the outdoors, they should experience mess and most importantly, they should have fun!

What messy activities do you do to get the kids outside?

We’d love to hear from you! Comment below xo

Oh, and don’t forget their sunglasses! Keep their little eyes protected while they are out there!


Guest Post Author – Kell Kelly

Kell can be found over at All Mum Said delivering an honest account of life as a time-poor mum, hilarious parenting fails and everything else that motherhood entails. The mama bear in her looks after her readers by ensuring there is fresh and exciting content and a great range of reviews and giveaways for her fans.

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