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September 07, 2017

At last! The temperature is starting to rise, and you know what that means.  Goodbye snotty noses and cabin fever. Hello bare feet, salty post-beach hair and a whole new host of memory-making opportunities with the family. So, here are our top five mostly free outdoor activities for kids to make the most of spring this year. Don’t forget to ramp up the sun safety as the sun heats up.  Hats, Babiators and sunscreen are on high rotation this season.

5 Great Free Outdoor Activities for Kids:

1.) Plant a pizza garden: You don’t need a big backyard to give your kids the opportunity to get some good dirt on their hands.  All you need are some pots, a sunny spot and a couple of easy-to-grow herbs and vegetables.  The best part of it is sending the kids out on pizza night to collect their very own home-grown produce!

2.) Go for a bush-walk: This is the stuff childhood memories are made of: escaping the drone of electronic life to chase waterfalls, spot wildlife, and creek hop. 

3.) Have a picnic – Whether you set up in your backyard or find a more exotic location, apparently fruit is WAY more exciting when you eat it outside. Pack some morning tea, then flop down in a shady spot and spend some quality time spotting animals in the clouds.

4.) Water play – Ah, the mysterious power of a bucket of water and a few plastic scoops. It is not to be underestimated. Afterwards, they can water the pizza garden!

5.) Park hunting – Last, but not least, the trusty local park, what would we do without it? To mix it up a bit, head a suburb or two over to explore a different park because a change is as good as a holiday (almost!).

Finally, happy adventuring!

What are your favourite spring time activities with your kids? We’d love to hear from you!!

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