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July 27, 2021

In this day and age of lockdowns and quarantine, where large chunks of time are spent indoors, many of us are dreaming of hitching up the van, leaving the city behind, and hitting the open road.

Our talented friend Naomi of bobo&boo (the gorgeous range of eco-friendly kids' dinnerware) did just this, travelling around Australia with her young family for two years.

 We chat to Naomi about life on the road, must-see Australian destinations, and how to make caravanning work with young children!


Tell us a bit about your big trip:

We spent 2 years on the road travelling Australia in a caravan, in amongst that we also spent 1-2 months a year in Bali.


What prompted the decision to up-sticks and head off into the great blue yonder?
I had PND with my 2nd son and was struggling to look after him. My husband and I had a chat, and decided we wanted to spend more time as a family so we packed up, sold the cars, bought a caravan and headed off within a few weeks of making the decision.

Who did you travel with?
Sunny was 1 and Bobby was 4 when we started off so it was the 4 of us.

What did you love most about life on the road?
Freedom, no commitments (besides bobo&boo :)

What did you find most challenging about being on the road with young children? How on earth did you manage this!?
Being together 24/7 took a while to get used to. The kids also had to learn to entertain themselves more and not need us or friends to constantly entertain them. Also being confined to a small living space, so we spent a lot of time outdoors but we had times where it was raining or 45 degrees and no shopping centres around to entertain us!

Bobo and Booo

Based on your travels, what is the must-see Australian destination?

North West WA is my favourite, it is very remote but the marine life!!

Now that you’re back from your tour of Australia, what’s next for your award-winning eco-friendly kids' dinnerware range, bobo&boo? 
I finally have my own office (in my house!), so now I want to knuckle down and grow the bobo&boo range.

Lastly, what’s your top tip for anyone about to head off around Australia with their young family?
Don't overthink it! If it doesn’t work out it’s ok, you can come back home (or to your home town), just give it a go!


Another family from our awesome Babiators tribe are caravanning with kids as we speak - @thetrendytravellerwa are following the roads less-travelled with young in tow.

Definitely worth following their fun on Instagram. Their little caravan is gorgeous.

And the twins look super cute adventuring in their Babiators!!


Happy Holiday dreaming all!!

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