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August 11, 2021

Did you know that Babiators in Australia is part of a family of brands that our family brings to the families of Australia and New Zealand.

We are the Rigbys and Boutique Brands is our family business. For many years we have run Boutique Brands out of our family home. And when we’ve needed help we have called on local family and friends to help come pack orders, write blog posts, answer customer enquiries, call our family of stockists, post on social media and generally make things happen!

Babiators was developed by 2 amazing families in the US, 2 families that wanted to make it easy for families to keep sunglasses on their kids’ eyes to protect them from sun damage. We have been proud and excited to see the growth of Babiators in Australia and New Zealand over the last few years as more families fall in love with these cool, fun, functional sunnies!

But Babiators isn’t the only brand that we bring to Australia and New Zealand. In the last year we have added The Brushies, and Burrow and Be to our family of brands.

The Brushies

The Brushies is a baby and kids’ toothbrush with a difference. The silicone finger puppet toothbrushes were designed to help make teeth brushing fun, and to take the battle out of brushing. Family dentist Dr Hillary was seeing little patient after little patient whose mum and dad were having trouble get little teeth brushed without World War 3, not the mention the fact that she was struggling with her kids too! So she teamed up with her friend, child psychologist Dr Colleen to develop some tools that would help parents make teeth brushing a fun and engaging time.

Burrow and Be

This year we fell in love with the Burrow and Be clothing and nursery range. Catherine Melo, the Burrow and Be creator and designer, and I chanced upon each other in an online business group and started chatting about how our family businesses could support each other.

Catherine has developed a gorgeous range of baby and children’s clothing, beautiful baby sleepwear and bed linen. Not only is her range divinely designed, with beautiful, age-appropriate, but incredibly styling prints. Not only is it made from soft, quality organic cotton, with a touch of stretchy stuff to make it incredibly comfortable for little ones to move, run, crawl and sleep in. Not only these things, but her range is ethically and sustainably produced with care. It is mindful of supporting families in the countries it is produced in, and sustainable for the environment. And the quality is incredible and able to be passed down from child to child, never be off-trend, and easy to wash and wear and keep its shape beautifully.

Oh my, I feel like I am gushing. I really do love our brands! And that is why we LOVE sharing them with your family and the families of Australia.

There are a couple of other things Boutique Brands do.


So Mums’ Toolbox was born!!

We wanted an online space for mums (and dads and nanas and papas and carers) to go where they could find practical products, aka tools, that would help solve some of the big and the small challenges of parenting.



We have:

  • Burrow and Be – 100% Organic Cotton clothing for babies, toddlers and kids.
  • The Brushies – Finger Puppet toothbrushes to make teeth brushing fun!
  • Cry Wolf- The cutest adventure rainwear you ever did see.
  • YumBox - everyone's favourite bento style lunchbox.
  • LuvMe - nappies, wipes and baby products that love the environment.

And more to come.

Someone asked me recently to describe why we do what we do in only a few words, and my heart spoke clearly:

To help families thrive

My family
Your family
The families of the brands we work with
Our staff and their families
The families that buy our products
The families that engage with us on social media, our emails and our blogs

We just want to be a blessing to families.

So anyway, that is us in a not-so-small nutshell.

Check out all our brands, and don’t forget to support small businesses (ours and others) and the families behind them in this unprecedented, unpredictable economic climate. How you purchase can make a big difference!

Xoxo Kristy, John, Ella and Maxie Rigby

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