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October 22, 2019

Let the Christmas elves amongst us (you know who you are) rejoice! It’s the time we’ve been waiting for all year – our chance to wear jingly reindeer earrings (or earrings with flamigos wearing Santa hats in my case) and whack Michael Buble’s greatest hits of the season on repeat.  Glazed ham and pavlova, come at me.

And having children gives us even greater license to indulge in all that sparkly, gingery goodness.  There are those of us who have waited many long years to be able to make googly-eyed gumnut craft again without censure.

In the spirit of the season, here are our top 5 Christmas ideas to do with your kids.

      1. Advent Calendar

The first of our Christmas ideas list is the ultimate classic.  The Advent Calendar appears amongst us in many forms.  From a store-brought chocolate calendar to a home-made version, this tradition can be modified to suit any budget. 

Here are some variations that we find delightful:

You can fill 24 fabric pockets (or 24 brown paper bags) with Christmas tree decorations, a Christmas joke, or even a Christmas-themed activity to do each day with your children. Why not include random acts of kindness as a part of the advent journey?  It’s a fun way to teach your kids about the joy of giving.


      2.  Make Something Gingery

Secondly, ginger.  Gingerbread houses, gingerbread Christmas trees, gingerbread men, gingerbread hearts:  the ginger possibilities are endless.  Whether you buy a pre-made gingerbread house kit, or make one from scratch, your kids will have a ball with this Christmas activity.  Have plenty of colourful sweets that they can use to decorate their creations to their hearts’ content.  Even toddlers can help stick sweets onto dollops of icing. Donna Hay has a great recipe for a gingerbread village for those really adventurous bakers out there.


      3.   Put up the Christmas tree!!!

Go on, take the challenge and turn putting up the Christmas tree into a family affair this season. Load up a plate with Christmas treats (the gingerbread cookies from the kids’ baking session will work nicely here), turn up the Christmas tunes (maybe shift up the Buble and add a little Pentatonix!!), and let them loose with the tinsel and baubles.

HOT MUMMA TIP: If you find this too much of a battle for your O.C.O.P.D (Obsessive Christmas Ornament Placement Disorder),you could have two strategically-placed trees: one for the kids, and one for you.  


      4.   Put together a Christmas Eve Box

The Christmas Eve Box is one of those Christmas ideas that has been gaining traction over the past couple of years.  

One popular version is to include a new pair of pyjamas for each child, a pack of popcorn, and a Christmas movie to watch together. 

Another idea is that each person in the house gets a book on Christmas Eve and you can all spend a nice evening reading .... Either way, snuggle in and snack up!

And don’t forget to do yourself up a mummy-version for after the kids’ bedtime.  Chocolate, anyone?


       5.  Get out amongst it and soak up some communal Christmas cheer

There’s a whole host of Christmas community events that will get your kids a good dose of festive buzz.  Checking out suburban Christmas lightsdisplays is always a sure-fire hit with the family.  Community carolscan be a really special time, so have a look at what local community groups and churches have planned.


Let us know what your favourite Christmas ideas are for doing with your children.  We love the inspo!! Merry Christmas!

And remember if you are wondering about how online purchases are tracking in 2023, here is our handy info around Aus Post cut-offs:

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