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November 18, 2019

There’s certainly no shortage of children’s sunglasses on the market.  You can’t walk into a children’s store without bumping into a sunglasses stand.  And while they might look alright, Aussie parents have another thing to keep in mind when considering which sunglasses for toddlers or kids to buy.  Will these sunglasses protect my children’s eyes against UV damage?

To answer this question, it is best to take a look at the SunSmart recommendations for sun safety when it comes to eyes.  Sliding on a pair of sunglasses to protect eyes from harsh UV rays is a must in the harsh Australian climate.  This is especially true for children, who are particularly susceptible to UV damage. But the Cancer Council also gives us some specific guidelines about how to choose a pair of kids sunnies that offer the best level of UV protection.

To protect eyes from ultraviolet (UV) damage, choose sunglasses that meet Australian Standard AS1067:2016 for sunglasses (lens categories 2, 3 or 4).  Often, the lenses on the cheaper fashion sunglasses for kids don’t protect the eyes from UV damage, even if the lenses are dark or tinted.  All Babiators sunglasses lenses meet the Australian Standard at lens category 3.  This means that the lenses absorb more than 95% of UV radiation to stop it reaching your children’s eyes.

But there’s more to the guidelines than just making sure that the lenses meet Australian standards.  For the best protection from UV damage, choose a close-fitting, wrap-around style.  This guideline is connected to a marked eye protection factor or EPF.  This is a non-regulatory rating calculated based on frame coverage of the face combined with UV, bright light and infrared protection.  While Babiatorsadhere to and usually exceed national requirements, they haven’t been rated based on the frame coverage.

However, if you’re looking for exceptional frame coverage, the Aviators sunglasses for babies and kids are the style that is designed with this in mind.  The Aviators flexible frame is designed to fit snugly against little faces, remaining comfortable while also covering as much of the eye area as possible.  This stops damaging light passing through any gaps between the frame and the face, providing the best level of eye sun safety for children.

Long story short, protective lenses combined with a close-fitting, wrap-around frame are going to offer the highest level of protection against UV damage.  This is our Aviators in a nutshell.  And the best bit?  If they lose them, or break them, you are covered by our Lost and Broken Guarantee.  Winner!


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