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How you spend your Christmas gift budget this year can make a difference!

November 04, 2022

A letter from a small business owner

There is something we can all do this Christmas to make a massive difference; to support small businesses and the families that they support.

Many small businesses have faced extraordinary challenges in the past few years through COVID, in the post-COVID economy and even from left field with floods and rain.

We are Aussies hey! So we are battlers! We have hung in there and made things work. But many small businesses owners are hanging in there by the skin of their teeth this year.

With the cost of living increasing, budgets are tight at home. So let’s make our Christmas lists carefully and super intentionally this year.

And we can make a difference!!

Shop internationally, and make an impact

Join us in shopping slow and small this Christmas. I have started making a list of incredible items I can buy for our family, friends and work mates this year that will mean a whole lot to not just to those loved ones who receive them, but also to the person we are buying them from.

Having my list will help me across the shopping season and sales. Rather than just buying what is on sale, I am buying exactly what I know my loved ones will like .... and if list items come on sale then it is a massive win, and I can confidently buy.

Small businesses make the best products!!

As a small business ourselves we love supporting other small businesses. Most of the products we sell alongside our awesome Babiators sunglasses are the best in the market because they were designed and produced by another small business with quality and practicality in mind.

So this year I am making my list,
and you can help me check it!!


I have started adding my list of great small business I can shop from this Christmas on our blog. Head over and check them out! We will update the list as we go along. And if there is a small business with great products you know and plan to shop from this year, why don’t you comment with the business name and mention your favorite product of theirs.

Shameless self-promotion of your own small business is welcome and encouraged 🤣

Our Christmas spending choices can make a difference for our families and others!!

Best sunglasses for babies and kids in Australia

Babiators - sunglasses distributed in Aus and NZ our family owned and run business
Bedheads - gorgeous hats designed and owned by an Australian family

Aussie owned and designed
Shop some of their products on our website or the full range on theirs

Burrow and Be - baby gifts and baby and kids clothing
NZ Designed by a family business - distributed in Australia by our family

Australian Family owned and run business - hit hard by floods this year - great company to support
Ssssshhh, don't tell my staff and some of my family members, but they are getting Paper Savers this year. Reuse scrap paper in a leather binder for the elegance of a notebook, while reusing paper.
Socially conscious gifts and hampers

Let's keep the list going! Comment below with your favourite small business product you can buy someone for Christmas this year.

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