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January 24, 2023

The warming, golden glow of summer has arrived and we’re 100% here for it. Following on from cold, wet winters and springs, summer days are just the boost our spirits crave. Yes, summer brings with it the medicine we all need: good food, amazing outdoor adventures and socialising long into the balmy evening. And, all of this on repeat, of course!

Undoubtedly, the next question has to revolve around what to pack for those long-awaited holiday adventures. With a smorgasbord of attractions on the doorstep, it’s important to plan an essential checklist of items that will put you in good stead to unreservedly enjoy whichever holiday destination calls to your adventure-loving heart. 

Whether you are planning back-to-back beach days, setting up camp by a river or exploring a big city in wide-eyed wonder, there are a few key items that remain a staple for the suitcase, such as quality sunglasses, trusty sun hats and the all-important sunscreen. 

Did you know that not all kids' sunglasses are effective in protecting your little one’s eyes from damaging sun rays? Babiators sunglasses guarantee 100% UV protection from the sun and provide full protection for kids’ eyes, which means you can go ahead and enjoy making core memories in the great outdoors with total peace of mind.

Let’s take a look at some of the other cool sunglasses features that Babiators offer, proving them to be the best kids sunglasses to take on your holiday.


Kids sunglasses with flexible frames

Protective eyewear is only effective if your child wears it, right? That’s why we’ve made Babiators sunglasses from comfortable, flexible rubber that bends easily, staying soft against little ears and noses.

They’re so comfy, kids will forget they’re wearing them. But, if little hands decide to play with the sunnies instead (and, let’s face it, this will most likely happen), that flexibility will stand up to the most testing of treatment.  

As well as being soft and flexible, if your little one decides to chew on their Babiators (realistically speaking, it’s bound to happen), our frames are happily BPA-free, so you won’t need to worry about your child facing unwanted exposure to lurking toxins. 

Kids sunglasses with flexible frames


Kids Sunglasses with the best sun proof rating

Adding to the list of pros, Babiators award-winning sunglasses also feature UV400 lenses that give 100% UVA and UVB protection to the delicate eye tissue.

Little eyes need extra protection from the sun while they’re maturing, to ensure they don’t suffer any irreversible damage.  


Kids Sunglasses with its own protective bag

With the launch of our new Babiators kids sunglasses range, we went one step further to include a protective sunglass bag with each pair.

There’s nothing worse than scratches on sunglass lenses, making them unappealing to wear. With scratches happening most often when sunglasses are not being worn, these soft bags will keep them in pristine condition until you need them next.

Store them in the car, or pop them in your handbag when you head out the door. They’ll be safely stored in their sunglasses bags until you’re ready to use them. 

Protective sunglasses bag for kids sunglasses




Kid-approved sunnies

This summer holidays, kids will be keen for adventure, for fun and plenty of sweat-inducing activity.

To top it all off, a pair of Babiators sunnies will satisfy their desire to look the part.

We’re not sure how they know it, but kids seem to recognise rockstar-cool vibes when they see them.

Rule of thumb: if those accessories survive the ‘toss’ test, you know you’re on a good thing!  


Kids sunglasses with cool frames


Sunglass styles for boys

When it comes to deciding on cool styles for the boys in the family, you are not limited for choice at Babiators.

We stock the ever-popular Navigators, slick Aviators, stylish Keyholes and funky Euro Rounds. There’s a pair to suit every kind of personality, from the budding muso to the aspiring bird-watcher. 

For those who have a fondness for a favourite colour, our range of hues are sure to please. In our collection, you’ll find a variety of blues, and pops of colour like red, orange and pink.

And because every little boy will occasionally want to be a private eye or super-smooth spy, most of our styles come in black for whenever the need to operate incognito arises. 

 Sunglasses for boys



Sunglasses for girls

For the girls, the choice is even broader. Our above-mentioned styles are unisex, so girls can choose from the same range as the boys.

But we couldn’t resist adding a few styles with extra flair for those who love to make a statement. Enter our flowers, hearts and cat-eye designs.

You’ll find pretty peachy-pinks, aquas, reds and mauves amongst the colour range in these collections.

Sunglasses for girls



Polarized Kids Sunglasses for extra protection

If you love to holiday around the water, or spaces that are exposed to glare from glass and other reflective surfaces, polarized sunglasses are a must. Taking eye protection to the next level, a good pair of polarized lenses helps to minimise sun glare and further protect little eyes. 

Kids will love the super-cool mirrored lenses (and will look so darn cute in them) available in our Navigators, Keyholes, Hearts and Flower frame collections.  

Polarized sunglasses for kids 



Sunsmart adventures guaranteed

Complete your holiday preparation plans with the ultimate sunsmart trio by remembering to pack a protective sun hat and plenty of sunscreen.

Keep ouchy sunburn at bay, and you’re guaranteed to have a camera reel full of happy snaps and a bunch of awesome memories to cherish for years to come.

For ultra-cool, comfy hats you can’t go past the Bedhead Hat range for kids.

Bucket hat for boys

They’re perfect for beach and pool days, offering plenty of colourful styles and loads of sun protection.

Your active little adventurers will get plenty of use from styles such as our Bucket Hat, Ponytail Bucket Hat, Swim Bucket Hat and Swim Ponytail Hat.

Sun hats for girls 



We all have favourite summer holiday memories from our childhoods that make us wish we were children all over again, frolicking through each day with carefree abandon. While we can’t go back, we get to make new memories with our own kids that they will have forever. It’s a beautiful cycle, don’t you think? 

So, wherever you take the family this year, we wish you a safe, sunsmart and happy summer holiday full of beautiful moments destined to become cherished memories.

Babiators sunnies for kids


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