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Supporting Small Business through the March 2022 Floods and Storms

October 12, 2022

Many of you might know that earlier this year our small business was hit by the devastating storms that washed through homes and businesses on the northern rivers of NSW. After doing all we could to safeguard our stock we were forced to leave our warehouse to the mercy of rising storm waters. That night 1.1m of water invaded out warehouse and damaged the packaging on a large proportion of the Babiators stock we were holding at the time.

As a small business this was a devastating, potentially fatal blow to our financial situation. To lose so much stock meant we had lost much of our ability to generate revenue and cover our overheads.

But the story doesn’t end there!!

Our community came out and supported us! Local church and community members, friends from Brisbane and even family from as far away as Canberra all showed up on our doorstep and started the clean up. 

Within days our warehouse has been stripped out and washing down. And the stock that had had it’s packaging damaged was lovingly cleaned and checked and ready to be given a whole new life.

In March we offer these unpackaged washed sunglasses to our amazing tribe of Babiators customers. And their support was incredible. The funds raised from the seconds sale covered our overheads and some of the cost of replacing the most critical stock to keep us in business.

We are incredibly grateful to our community and our Babiators tribe for showing up and supporting our small business through such a challenging time! When we were sending out our washed seconds orders we really wished we could send a thank you hug with each one, because your support kept us going!

So in the lead up to this summer we want to make sure those pair of Babiators that were so lovingly washed by our army of volunteers get their new life! We want them on the faces of little Aussies and Kiwis, protecting little faces and honouring the efforts of our vollies!

So for this weekend only you can get a pair of these unpackaged, washed Babiators for $5 for Originals or $10 for Polarised when you purchase any full price pair of sunnies from our website.

Add a pair of washed seconds to your cart along with a pair from our regular range and the discount will be applied automatically at check out.

Thank you to our volunteers, and Thank you to our Babiators tribe!!

May your summer be blessed, beautiful and full of sunshine and love

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